Columnar’s Strategy

Be Local. Be Patient. Be Focused.

Be Local. Land development is a local endeavor. Columnar drives growth through investment in local talent rather than acquisition from afar. Our commitment to build on the knowledge, abilities, and connections of our team members within target markets allows us to uncover unique opportunities. We understand that each investment opportunity calls for established land and development professionals versed in the area’s entitlement and broader development environment, both at municipal and regional levels. By gathering teams of engineers, land planners, attorneys, architects, and general contractors with hard-earned local experience, we efficiently source, plan, and execute successful developments.

Be Patient. Columnar is led by a team that has persevered through a combined eight real estate cycles. We understand the perils of debt and the value in prioritizing capital preservation over rapid growth. With significant family investment and a mindset of “protect, then grow,” we take the long view, positioning each project to weather the most severe downturn, and sometimes choose to remain on the sidelines while competitors press aggressively forward.

Be Focused. Columnar focuses acquisition in markets with the following characteristics:

High-growth regions with strong, sustainable economies. Jobs drive demand for new and flexible options for places to call home and lifestyle services. MSA’s that have favorable unemployment, job and income growth, thriving median household income, beneficial cost of living rates, and quality education indicate future demand for housing and services.

Supply-constrained development environments. Areas with limited developable land, challenging entitlement environments, and difficult physical conditions provide the greatest opportunity. We create a competitive advantage through development and acquisition with uncommon skills and expertise throughout our vertically integrated platforms.