About Us

Taking our lead from three generations of success.

Columnar, a Traylor Capital company, has its roots in Traylor Bros., Inc., a third-generation family-owned company. Founded in 1946 by William F. Traylor, his son and grandsons have steered the company toward the same vision throughout the decades: to be the most respected, preferred, and consistently performing heavy civil contractor in North America.

Since its inception, Traylor has developed into a highly adaptable construction organization with a proven capability to tackle the most difficult bridge, underground, and marine projects. Today, Traylor Construction Group is thriving under the leadership of the third generation of Traylors, who are committed to passing on their grandfather’s and father’s values and traditions to the next generation of leaders while preserving the company’s unique culture.

Daniel A. Traylor and the Traylor family founded Columnar in 2009 during the precipitous slide in national residential real estate markets. Since that time, under the Traylor Capital umbrella, platform companies have made more than 30 distinct investments spanning Florida, North Carolina, Texas, and Colorado delivering superior risk-adjusted returns along the way. Based on early success and a rapidly growing capital base, Columnar continues to expand its geographic footprint.

In 2017 we began the commercial and multifamily development with strategic partnerships and in 2023 officially launched Columnar Commercial to greatly expand that business line. More recently, in 2020, Traylor Capital launched RockWell Homes to continue to the vertical integration from “horizontal” land developer to “vertical” builder and developer.

We are Columnar.
We build community.
We solve problems.
We support responsible planning that promotes more time with family and less time in traffic.
We create live/work environments.
We care about the environment and economic growth.
We develop in partnership with all stakeholders, including future generations.
We believe that development, when done right, brings prosperity to all.
We are Columnar.

About Columnar

Columnar’s close-knit team of managers have long-established presences in target markets, enabling us to source best-in-class opportunities. We tap into both traditional and non-traditional channels to uncover unique off-market transactions.

We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of local development trends and foster relationships that lead to extraordinary opportunities. Our excellent contract performance has built a reputation critical to our past and future success.

We are committed to maintaining a robust local presence in our target markets; therefore, we commit to devoting the resources necessary to generate investment opportunities, effectively plan and develop communities, and efficiently execute land dispositions.